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Advantages of becoming senior members:

  • You will get more discounts up to 50%
  • You will be informed our new arrivals
  • Easy to become our agent
  • Allowed to pay in installment if conditions are meet

When you need to become senior member and get more discount for every purchase you made, it is easy!


  • Register to the premium membership for free
  • Make any purchase at least once on Hebuza.com
  • Take 5 minutes to answer easy questions below:


  1. What challenges did you notice on Hebuza.com while you purchase our products (to know exactly what will we do next for our website to be more user friendly)
  2. what products you need frequently that are not on hebuza.com and you wish they should be on it
  3. What made you decide to choose our offer/product? What did you think of the ordering process? (evaluation of the buying experience)
  4. Did you encounter any problems when placing your order? If yes, what were they?
  5. What is your preferred method of payment? (credit/debit card, bank transfer, Mobile money, cash on delivery)  
  6. What made you decide to choose our offer/product? (deciding factors of the purchase decision)
  7. When you use debit or credit card as method of payment, do you feel it is secure?
  8. How do you rate our service in general (product quality, price, user friendly of our site, customer care etc).

After becoming a senior member,

You  get your discount coupon numbers, then you share our products you think your friends/colleagues will like the most by informing them that you get a coupon discount for them when they need to purchase, If any of your friend/colleagues orders using your coupon, you get the same amount of discount he/she get. You can use that amount as discount up to 50% for your next purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

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